Sacre-Coeur from the Arc de Triomphe
Paris during the day - Tour Eiffel

Young Lovers at the
Eiffel Tower

We took "zee metro" to Sacre Coeur and wandered all over the hill trying to find the "Artist Quarter". Well, it was on the other side of the hill from us and we just couldn't find it. Sacre Coeur is a very historic site. This is a view from the base after we climbed the huge stairway leading to to the church.  
When we were ready to leave the area and get back, we wandered the narrow streets filled with quaint little shops of all kinds, looking for the one that would sell us a couple bottles of wine for the room. And of course Sharlene would always find at least one, or two.



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Sacre Coeur from the base
Dave's picture of the Church

Sacre Coeur is in the Moulin Rouge district. So, as we wandered those narrow streets we saw a number of other "street walkers."